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How To Style Ottomans In Your Home

Ottomans were first introduced into Europe and Turkey in the 18th Century. It’s a seat which is padded and typically has no arms or back support. Traditionally they were piled with cushions and it became the main seating piece in homes in those times.

In recent years, ottomans are becoming popular because of their versatile use. They are very soft and give a comfortable vibe to your home decor. They can also be used as storage if made hollow with a hinged top. They can be used not only as seating but also as footstools or for storing foods, drinks, etc. As ottomans require lesser space as compared to other bulkier seating options, they can be placed next to any furniture or to create a cozy corner. Additionally, ottomans can be used in, both, indoor and outdoor spaces basis their design and structure.

Here are a few ideas on how to deck up your space with fun ottomans placed around :

1. Ottomans used as a foot stool

Ottomans are comfortable as they are low profile, mobile and cushioned. They can be a perfect leg rest with your sofa or accent chair. You can match them with the colour and design of your existing seating or bring in some contrast to the space with vibrant colours.

2. Ottomans used as a side bench

Not only will it give a stylish touch to your room but it can also be a good seating arrangement for a quick stop.

3. Ottomans used as coffee table

The height of ottomans is usually a bit lower and, hence, can serve as perfect coffee tables in a low-seating setting. While the top of such ottomans would be comparatively harder, these can also be doubled up at seating options.

4. Ottomans used as storage

If the top cover of the ottoman is detachable, it can serve as a storage unit for smaller items such as clothes, books and toys. This way many small miscellaneous items can be tucked out of sight that can be scattered around in a mess.

5. Ottomans used as extra seaters

Ottomans can serve the purpose of seaters for extra guests as they are mobile and easy to carry. They can otherwise be placed under a table or in a corner and be pulled out as additional seating for those dinner gatherings!

Up-cycled Ottomans

Used tyres, if carelessly discarded, can pollute the environment. But recycling them and using them for décor purpose is a smart way to be environment friendly. Round ottomans are easiest pieces of furniture to create from refurbishing old tyres. Coupled with wood, upholstery and trims, these ottomans look every bit chic and contemporary.

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