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Upon checking out, you will get the option to enter any PROMO/DISCOUNT CODE that is applicable. All sale discounts, whenever running, are applied automatically to the products.

Do you have any physical stores where I can check the product(s) in person?

We do not have any physical store as of now but we are actively planning on opening one soon. If you’d like to be the first one to know, subscribe to our newsletter so that we can keep you informed.

Can I exchange my purchase for another product?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any exchange option. Please refer to our Shipping and Exchange Policy for more information.

When will I receive my order?

After successful completion of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email on the provided email ID which will contain all details to track down all your upcoming deliveries. It takes, on an average, 14 – 24 days for all orders to be delivered successfully.

How do I cancel my order?

Orders once placed successfully cannot be cancelled. It is so that the time and energy spent by our artisans in handcrafting your products do not go to waste.

How do I change my contact information or address after placing the order?

You can contact us at +91 9315207881 or email us  at  connect@opaquestudio.in for any change in the details provided by you.

Is there any return and refund policy?

We do not extend any refund or return on the orders successfully placed. In rare cases where there is any manufacturing defect or any physical damage as part of the shipping process, we do exchange or repair the products without any questions asked.

What should I do if I’m not home when my package arrives?

We would appreciate it if you could plan for someone to collect your order on the date of delivery, as will be notified to you. In case there is no one available to receive the order, delivering on an alternate date strictly depends on the policy of our delivery partner. We would encourage you to kindly inform us of your availability while placing the order such that the shipping and delivery dates can be co-ordinated accordingly.

Can I return a product that is defective or damaged upon receiving?

In case of any manufacturing defect, we will exchange the defective item upon informing us within 7 days of you receiving the product. Please contact us at connect@opaquestudio.in or +91 9315207881 and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Is there a warranty on your product?

Since most of our products make extensive use of natural raw materials like cane, bamboo and wood among other organic materials, we do not provide any specific warranty on our products. However, we like to take pride in our design and quality offered to our customers, hence, please be assured to relish them for years to come.

Do you have a priority based delivery?

Delivery timelines are unfortunately out of control as they depend on multiple variable factors. We would highly recommend you connect with us prior to placing the order in case you are tight on deadlines and we would work it out the best we can !

My items haven’t arrived yet, please help.

Most deliveries take 14-24 days to arrive. If your items haven’t been delivered in the  stipulated time, you can connect with us at connect@opaquestudio.in or call us at +91 9315207881 and we will take an update for you at once.

Do you accept personal and commission based projects?

Opaque Studio prides itself in creating unique and distinctive pieces of furniture and home decor items. We love making custom designs for our clients and for personal projects. If you have something in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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