Why Fast Furniture Is A Bad Idea For Your Home?

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Fast furniture is a new jargon which refers to furniture which is cheaply made and quick to break. It’s often known to be modular and has a growing popularity in the design world for its swift building and easy assembly. Nowadays, it’s a trend to accentuate your space with fast- Home Furniture. But what if we told you that it’s not a smart move? Rushing into buying fast furniture might lead you to sacrifice its quality. If you are looking for furniture that lasts a lifetime, you might want to reconsider.

Furniture plays an essential role in beautifying your house. And choosing the right one can be quite a task. If we talk about fast furniture, we can simply say that it’s best for people who are low on budget and keep moving from time to time, like college students or recent grads.

Once you get into the fast Furniture culture, you might as well get ready for an ongoing cycle of make and break. You’ll be forced as a consumer to buy the furniture again as it will start wearing off some time (within 2–3 years). A waste of time, energy, and money indeed!

Fast furniture might seem tempting due to its lower costs, but it’s important to consider factors like durability and the quality of the furniture. When you compare this to the long-term benefits of buying furniture that lasts, it becomes clear that fast furniture is not the best choice for your home.

Handcrafted, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture is what you need to create a space that speaks of richness and style. Opt for furniture that is made of natural, sturdy, and quality materials like teak wood, bamboo, cane, and more. Nowadays there are design studios, workshops and Online Furniture Sites that specialise in making these kinds of furniture, like us- Opaque Studio. We use traditional techniques, materials, and tools to craft furniture, ensuring its quality. You can also get your own custom-designed furniture according to your home’s aesthetics and decor.

Designed for love at first sight and crafted to last forever, we at Opaque Studio aim to produce products that are organic and aesthetic. Handcrafted by our traditional artisans from all across India, every product holds a piece of their story along with their exemplary skills. 

You can explore our wide range of handcrafted furniture, home decor, and more at Opaque Studio. You can also connect with us for a customised piece for your space.

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