4 Simple Ways To Keep Ottomans Clean

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Keeping furniture and other furnishings clean is not an easy task. Your Ottomans and pouffes are especially vulnerable to accidents since they are popular places for people to rest their feet, place sweaty beverages, and place happy pets. Although you don’t have to worry, we are going to share 4 simple ways to keep your ottomans clean for long-lasting usage.

1. Know the material

Be sure to know what kind of fabric or upholstery was used in the manufacturing of your ottoman before applying any chemicals to it. Additionally, turn the ottoman over and test any chemicals or solutions on a hidden section of the fabric. Here are some methods through which you can easily clean those stains on your ottomans:

  • Cotton – Shampoo on a soft cloth
  • Faux Fur – Sponge dampened with water or a baby wipe
  • Microfiber – Diluted dish soap
  • Leather – Saddle soap or 50/50 solution of vinegar and water
  • Vinyl – A baking soda paste and a soft brush

After you are done cleaning, make sure to soak up the excess liquid from the ottoman with a clean, dry cloth. 

2. Read Tags

Before Buying ottomans online or offline, it is beneficial to look at the bottom. Your ottoman’s inside or bottom may list the materials it is made of and the proper way to care for it. Sometimes the cleaning recommendations are printed out on the tags; other times they are just codes. 

W-S means either solvent or water-based cleansers (those containing alcohol or acetone, for example). X means to completely avoid using any liquids and simply vacuum or brush the material. S means to never use a water-based cleaner. If you want to make your Ottoman furniture last, always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. 

3. Clean immediately

The key to preventing spills and stains on any furniture is to respond swiftly to them. Excessive liquids should be blotted up, and loose debris should be lightly brushed or vacuumed away. Remove the lid off your Storage ottoman and check the interior to make sure the surface, the edges, and the contents are all in excellent shape. Check if your ottoman has any wooden supports or legs. To clean these areas, use a moist cloth and some furniture polish, but avoid getting the polish on the fabric covering.

4. Use baking soda to clean

One of the most convenient ways to clean an ottoman is by using baking soda. It works just as well as detergent and produces outcomes that are quite comparable. Simply sprinkling baking soda over the entire ottoman can aid in removing the stains, but for a deep clean, combine it with water. Apply it exactly as you would while washing your furniture, give it a few minutes to sit, and then vacuum it up. You’ll be astounded by the outcomes.

These were some of the best ways to clean and take care of your ottomans and other furniture. So you can rest assured that you now understand how to make it last. 

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