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Amazing Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

Amazing Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home by Opaque Studio

The ambience of a space largely depends on the décor. This is why paying attention to the intricate décor elements is really important and should be well thought out. A well decorated house can help getting rid of anxiety and stress. The room appears more appealing if few decorative touches are made regularly so as to keep the mood updated. People have started investing money these days on remodelling and making improvements to their home decor, so that it breaks the monotony. Making such changes can help fight the daily mundane while also refreshes one’s mood.

If you are at the age of retiring or you are spending more time at home, you can spend your time making regular upgrades in your home. It can be a great way to spend time while making the activity rather enjoyable.

Here we have put together some interesting and essential wall decor ideas to get you started.

  1. Artwork

In a small space, you can put a painting or a photograph as a singular element on the wall. This grabs attention when someone enters the room while adding a vibrant touch without many pieces put around. You can use black/white or vibrant hues, depending on the overall look of the room and colour palette used. However, it is suggested that you use this element contrasting to your general mood so as to break the monotony.

You may give it an organic touch by making the frames out of natural wood or using designer frame made from sustainable materials like wood, cane, jute or threads.

  1. Fabric Showcase

You can create a wonderful fabric showcase with various fabrics to make your room look appealing and add some colour. A fabric showcase creates a soft look and gives a bohemian vibe. Fabrics have amazing texture and pattern, so they are always eye catching. Additionally, these are also easy to carry from one place to another in case you remodel or move while paintings are cumbersome to carry.

Natural fabrics like jute, khadi, cotton and silk are better options for such showcases as they bring an earthen vibe to the space while looking authentic in their appeal. You can also intermix these fabrics together to suit the overall look of your room and play with colours, textures and prints. Additionally, you can also frame these in organic finishes to add an extra natural look.

If you want to be a little extra creative, you can look at some jute or bamboo rugs and use them as wall hangers. Depending on their texture, you may also choose to frame them or just hang them as it is.

  1. Wall Mirrors

Hanging mirrors reflect light and any place can simply look bright with these. If your house is relatively compact, then you can try hanging an oversized mirror which will make the room seem bigger than actual. Wall mirrors also add a subtle glamour to the space with their slight shine. You may also consider dedicating an entire wall at your entrance console to a striking wall mirror piece or create a collage of smaller frames.

You can find a variety of designs, sizes and shapes of wall mirrors that can add to your aesthetic appeal of the space. If you’re making a collage of mirrors on a wall, you can also look at using assorted styles of mirror frames in different shapes, sizes and textures.

  1. Organisers

Installing organisers and shelves will increase the space of your home. Organisers are the easiest to customise and hence are a great way to bring in your personality into your space. Picture frames, home accents, planters, mirrors or table lights can be infused to create style through these. Shelves are, although, most commonly used for storing books arranged in multiple ways with the help of creative book ends or accents while organisers come in various designs to display your accessories.

  1. Plants

It’s always a good idea to bring plants indoors. Not only are they great decorative elements but also provide health benefits basis the plants you choose. You can create a natural and organic look by installing wall planters, placing life size plants or hanging potted plants from the ceiling. Plants like ferns, chenille plant, and English ivy are perfect for hanging while palm and fiddle are great large size plants. You can break the stereotype of keeping plants simply on the windowsill and try some newer ways out.

  1. Lights

Lights can be a complete game changer when it comes to creating a beautiful ambience. Chandeliers and lamps have their own elegance. However, wall lamps can play a crucial role in setting mood lighting in your room. Wall lamps can be aesthetically teamed up with plants, shelves, paintings or mirrors to create the wall design. If you’re up for being rather bold, you may also explore light bulbs of varying colours.

Alternately, you can look at hanging a lamp from the ceiling that adds up to the wall decor at back. The lamp can be hung at top, mid or low height suiting to the decor idea, aesthetic and usage of the space.

Wall are also easiest to re-do if you’re wanting to bring in some change to your house. If you are not in a mood to change your furniture or other elements of the house or are simply a little low on budget, there are some quick ways to welcome a fresh vibe through easy wall decor elements.

Follow these and couple it up with some new cushions, bed-sets, rugs, throws and/or simple home accent additions and you’re good to go!

  • Hanging Plates

Hanging plates on your kitchen walls or living room walls can give an amazing and new look to your space. By using wire plate hangers, you can hang some already available plates and serving platters that you no longer use. Voila – upcycled decor.

  • Writeable Surface

If you’re doing up your office, kitchen or playroom, you can paint a portion of your wall with ‘WriteWallPaint’ and add some doodle. Alternatively, you can also hang a creative whiteboard or chalkboard that come in multiple shapes, figures and colours and will add a fun element.

  • Personalised Calendar

If you are someone who likes to keep-up-to-date, this is for you. You can create a personalised calendar with pictures, doodles, trivia or motivational quotes and hang it on your wall. If you’re wanting to the extra mile, you can also create a meal calendar detailing out seasonal produce of the month, meals and/or health updates and use it as a notepad for your kitchen.

  • Antique Mounting

A unique way to decorate and up-cycle is to use your old, antique accents and mount them on your wall. For example, a bike tyre, telephone receiver, or records. You can also frame your collectibles and mount them on your walls or place them on unique shelves. This will give your wall an eye catching look, spruce up the space and make it personal.

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