End Table VS Side Table- Which One To Choose?

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When it comes to decorating or changing its look one of the most convenient and easiest ways is to place a Bamboo Side Table or an end table. Both types of tables come in different shapes and materials. However, the place where most people get confused is to differentiate between both and choose the right one. 

End Table

A Wooden End Table is placed next to a couch or chair due to its compact size it can fit anywhere. They are mainly used to arrange things such that they hold your food, beverages, glasses, or remote control. Its main objective is to enable standing-free access to your requirements. The end table’s tabletop area is less than that of the side table, but thanks to the designers’ inclusion of bottom shelves, you can make up for the difference. Additionally, the height is lower than the side table. For ease of reach, end tables should be placed at the same height as or slightly below the seat’s arm.

Side Table

Small tables known as side tables are typically utilised on the walls, resting against them, or lying out in the open. Compared to end tables, they feature larger tabletop areas. They can therefore be displayed and utilised for storage. You may also arrange plants there, exhibit beautiful items, or set your books on them. A side table can also be used for serving utensils and minibars for beverages. The height of the side table is entirely dependent on how you want to utilise it. It can serve as a bedside table if it is the right height. Additionally, side tables are stronger and can support greater weight.

Which one to choose?

Buying an End table online or a side table totally depends on your preference and needs. However, there are a few things you should remember before choosing one. 

  • Take measurements of your key furniture pieces so that if perfectly fit with their surroundings and don’t seem odd.
  • If you are looking to place a lamp on the table on either side of a sofa or a bed. Then it is better to make sure that they are of the same height. 
  • Before making any selection, make sure to know all the details regarding the product, including its materials, do’s and don’ts, how to care, and many others. In this way, you can make it last longer and keep it damaged and stain-free.

In conclusion, they are the ideal fashionable accent pieces of furniture to brighten and simply modify the style of the area. They will always be a necessary component of the house since people need a place to put things like decorations, pictures, beverages, snacks, plants, and table lights. If you are looking to buy an end table or a Round side table then why not visit Opaque Studio? To get the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor area.

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