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Organic And Sustainable Living In 5 Simple Steps

Sustainable Living In 5 Simple Steps

Home must be a place that emanates calm and peace. After an entire day of work or a very busy and rough day, one seeks an area of comfort and serenity. A warm and inviting home is something everyone wants to return to after a stressful day. Studies suggest that connecting to nature helps improve clarity of mind and reduce stress levels. Introducing organic elements with modernity creates a unique style which is both relaxing and minimalistic. Using natural materials in the living space, kitchen and bedroom brings a soothing yet vibrant ambience. These days, interior designers try to design homes in a manner that brings nature indoors.

Organic way of designing a home does not really mean having a tree house in the living room. It’s all about creating a vibe by bringing inside the home, natural and raw elements. Embracing raw and exposing natural materials that elevate home decorations.

Below are a few ways in which one can introduce organic elements within your home and adopt sustainable living.

1. Non Toxic Cookware and Serve-ware
These days, people are a lot more health conscious than before. Many are shifting to organic food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The products that people use for baking, cooking, eating and storing food can affect the family’s health. Cookware materials like Teflon, BPA, lead, aluminium, phthalates and melamine are commonly found in every household. People are unaware that the use of such products can cause disturbing effects on health. Thus, it is wiser to switch to safer alternatives. While we make so much effort in choosing the best ingredients for making our food, we do not realise that taking a small step towards adopting non-toxic cookware can have multiple health benefits and lead to an enhanced taste.

Cookware made of pure clay are non-toxic. Pure clay is a natural form of soil and found on the earth’s surface. It is very rich and has elasticity. Pure clay cookware can retain more heat compared to other materials and hence, requires lesser gas or electricity. Consequently, the food tastes better and remains hot for a longer period.

Explore our range of non-toxic, chemical free and 100% natural Terracotta Cookware and Serveware.

2. Reusing old clothes
Instead of throwing old clothes that are otherwise unfit to donate, they can be re-used for making grocery bags, pillowcases, rugs and purses. Crafting skills can be used to save money and make efficient use of things. During this COVID-19 period, washable and re-usable bags have been in demand. These are easy DIY tricks where you can use old shirts, trousers or scarves to make such bags which are plastic free and colourful.

3. Reuse carton packages to store essentials
Cartons that are used for packaging can be used for storing items in home spaces by making them look attractive. This can be done by painting the surfaces. A few interesting ways you can reuse your cartons are for storing jewellery or cosmetics, coveralls for planters or even organise wardrobe or kitchen space. You may even make cutouts and splash some craft on it to create decorations or with fairy lights.

4. Up-cycle old furniture
Old furniture can be given a new look if the entire piece is stripped apart and re-assembled by changing a few things here and there. Polishing with natural wax can make the furniture look new and also protect the underlying wood from damage. An antique look or a new look can be added to the refurbished furniture and can be made durable for longer use again.

You may contact us should you want to up-cycle any old furniture and we will be glad to assist you.

5. Adding plants to your space
Adding plants to living spaces can give a twist to the stereo type home decoration. Having a mixed variety of plants can add a punch of colour to the overall look.
Many people think that plants require proper maintenance and, hence, refrain from adding them as decorative elements inside their work or home space. But there are many plants which can thrive indoors and do not require that much care. For e.g snake plant, money plant, lucky bamboo plant.
There are many advantages of adding plants to your space-

  1. Helps in cleaning and purifying the air
  2. Reduces stress and creates a lighter mood
  3. Increases focus and creativity

You may explore our range of planters that are perfect for indoor settings or even your extended balconies at home. At Opaque Studio, all our planters are made from 100% natural terracotta clay which is a perfect material for plants to grow healthier and longer.

Introducing organic materials in various aspects of our life can greatly help reduce the amount of non-bio degradable waste we create. Recycling older items also becomes very important to reduce pollution and waste creation in addition to adopting organic items. If we start reusing things by just using our creative skills, we can contribute towards saving our environment.

Taking small steps towards adopting a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living can have many positive impacts on the environment. We owe it to nature for providing for all our needs so far so, let’s do our bit to give back – in style!

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