4 Ways to Style Your Entryways With Wooden Benches

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Benches are one of the most affordable and stylish ways to revamp any place. However, with so many available styles, choosing the right product to match your taste and aesthetics. If we talk about entryways placing a bench would be the most practical and functional addition to your place. To make the best of your space today we are going to share 4 ways to style your entryways with wooden benches.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Any place’s functionality is influenced by its entryway, if the place is too cluttered it will make entering and leaving difficult. It is important to choose the right place for your teakwood bench. If you have a narrow hallway it would be best to place the bench right against the wall without taking to much walking space.

Partner Bench With a Rug

If you have a big entryway, then combining it with a stylish rug would help you make the bench stand out. Remember to use rugs that can be easily cleaned and are appropriate for high-traffic areas. Even when a lot of friends and family are visiting, this will help you maintain the space looking clean and bright.

Add Greenery

Placing a big planter near the bamboo bench can help you provide your entryway with a more inviting look. Placing one large plant instead of small pots will give a clear view. However, make sure to find a plant that’s slim and easy to care for to avoid large leaves blocking the way or dead foliage clogging the floor.

Maximize The Practicality of Your Bench

To maximize the practicality you can try using a storage bench, through this you can create extra storage space in your entryway to keep it clutter-free. If you wanted to increase your storage capacity even further, you could add multiple baskets or even place a shelf under the bench for shoes and boots.

Choosing the right bench to match your taste and aesthetics can be challenging, but with these 4 ways to style your entryways, you can make the best of your space. If you are looking to add a bench to your space, then buy benches online from Opaque Studio for the best quality handcrafted artisanal products.

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