4 Unique Wooden Benches To Give Your Home Urban Boho Look

benches from opaque studio

Your home tells a lot about your style and personality. But, designing one is not that easy. You have to consider many aspects like theme, products, budget and many more. One of the easiest and evergreen designs is the urban boho style. However, the first step towards creating your dream home is choosing the right furnishings. And, wooden benches could be a good addition to your space. Here are 4 unique wooden benches which will enliven your indoor or outdoor space.

Bamboo Storage Bench

spink bamboo storage bench

Benches are a great addition to any home as they provide some extra sitting space. It can be used in a variety of spaces such as bedrooms, entryways and living rooms. It’s made out of sustainably resourced materials which gives it a unique and beautiful look. If you are looking for something more flexible and lighter then a bamboo storage bench is a great alternative, it even provides some extra storage space too. 

Sliding Tabletop Bench

stride sliding tabletop bench

A sliding tabletop bench is a great addition to your dining room. The classic, clean design makes it a beautiful addition to any modern home. The smooth and sturdy construction makes it simple to transport, while the sleek design can blend with any space. If you were looking for a compact and easily movable workstation then a sliding tabletop bench could be the one you are looking for.

Teakwood Bench

mid century teakwood bench

Wooden furniture is one of the best investment anyone can make as its timeless and give your space a unique look and feel. However, to keep them last longer you have to maintain them properly. On the other hand, there is teakwood furniture, which is more resistant to moisture, heat and light. If you were looking for a more extensive and more comfortable sitting that doesn’t get damaged easily in extreme conditions then a teakwood bench is a perfect choice. You can get it customised as per your needs and it’s budget-friendly too.

Cane Bench

avalon cane bench

If you often have to move your sittings indoors or outdoors then a cane bench would be the perfect solution. As it’s lightweight and some benches are made from rattan trees. Which makes them more sturdy and easily repairable. You can even get it designed and customized as per your requirements.

Wooden benches or bamboo benches are a popular and versatile choice for seating and relaxation. They are made from durable and naturally resourced materials, wood, which gives them a natural look that blends well with many different types of environments.

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