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The Science Of Healthy Cooking In Clay Pots

The Science Of Healthy Cooking In Clay Pots by Opaque Studio

Have you ever thought why people in olden times cooked all the meals in clay pots or handi? How our elders lived a much healthier life than us? Its because the style of cooking is crucial to eating healthy and nutritious food.

Cooking in clay pots has always been beneficial to one’s health and is pocket friendly too. Even Ayurveda strongly recommends clay pot cooking due to its numerous health benefits.

Cooking is fun and easy in Terracotta Pots

Vessels made in terracotta are alkaline in nature which neutralises the acid content in the food, thus balancing the pH level. We all love eating food which has good aroma and is healthier too. Cooking in terracotta keeps the food rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. Due to its porous nature the clay allows moisture and heat to circulate evenly during the cooking process, so cook with less oil retaining nutritious value of the food and enjoy a delicious meal with your family.

 How to use your terracotta kitchenware

All unglazed cookware needs preparation before your first cook.

– Dip your cookware in water overnight.

– Remove from water and let it dry completely.

– Season the pot with vegetable oil and rub it all over and leave it for few hours.

– Wash the pot with water and its ready for your first use.

Do’s and Dont’s for Terracotta Pot’s

– Cook food on low heat and then gradually increase the heat keeping it in low to medium flame only.

– After cooking let the pot cool down before washing. It might crack if you wash the hot vessel in cold water due to temperature difference. 

– Once the temperature settles, you can also clean the terracotta pot with luke warm water and brush to remove all stains. Add baking soda to remove all odour.

– If you have stubborn stains then use rock salt and put it all over the pot. Fill the pot with hot water and leave it for an hour. Once the stains come out then rinse it with regular water.

– Use a scrubber to clean the pot.

– Ensure the pot is completely dried before storing it.



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